A downloadable game for Windows

Shoot magnets at your enemies and watch them crash into each other. For every enemy hit in between you get bonus points. Try to get the Highest score.

Arrow keys: Move left and right.
Space: Shoot.
S: Toggle sounds.
Z: Cycle through window sizes.
F: Toggle Fullscreen.
ESC: Exit Game.

Install instructions

Unzip then run the exe. That easy.


Space Magnet.zip 2 MB


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Game is awesome!I just recorded and made 12550 score!Its funny game!What is realy needed is music,but OVERALL,I don't have any complains.Also,if one day you want to add music,just put it that we can turn off all sounds with Z,thats just my opinion!Great game!Keep up the good work!

the game is overall good i love the concept of the magnets but the sounds are a bit too loud and annoying tbh u need much clearer sounds and add bosses or smth anyways good job <3